SBA Webinar – More than Honey – Australian Market by Jodie Goldsworthy

We’re delighted to introduce Jodie Goldsworthy, of Beechworth Honey Group, who will be discussing ‘More than Honey – Taking a Long View in the Australian Market’.
As a fourth-generation apiarist, co-founder, and Director of Beechworth Honey Group, Australia’s largest independently owned specialist honey businesses, Jodie’s family has been keeping bees in Beechworth since the 1880s.
Jodie is a member of the Board of Directors of the Australian Food & Grocery Council and President of the Oceania Regional Commission of Apimondia. She is also a Board Member of the Wheen Bee Foundation. Her former Board roles include the Australian Honey Bee Industry Council, Tourism North East, President of the Honey Packers & Marketers Association of Australia, a member of the Deputy Prime Minister’s Regional Women’s Advisory Council and the Australian Government’s Food Processing Industry Strategy Group. Jodie is a passionate advocate for the essential role of honeybees in food production and has campaigned against ‘fake’ honey imports into Australia. As the climate changes, and ecosystems and bee habitats are threatened, she firmly believes that we need to act with urgency as individuals and businesses.