Book List

Beginner’s Beekeeping – booklist

(Some of these books are in the club library)

Good starter books:

  • Haynes Bee ManualClaire and Andrew Waring
  • The BBKA Guide to BeekeepingIvor Davis and Roger Cullum-Kenyon
  • Keeping Healthy HoneybeesDavid Aston and Sally Bucknall

More detailed:

  • Guide to beekeepingTed Hooper            (a classic – not good on diseases)
  • Practical BeekeepingClive de Bruyn
  • BeekeepingRon Brown


  • Healthy Bees are happy beesPam Gregory (very up to date and easy to read)


  • Collins Beekeepers Bible

About bees

  • Honeybee DemocracyTom Seeley
  • The Honeybee Inside OutCelia Davis
  • The Honeybee Around and AboutCelia Davis